kickstand comedy space

  • Performer run comedy space
  • Humor incubator for all forms of comedy
  • Performance space, Community Hub, and Comedy Gym
  • Portland’s Weekday Indie Comedy Mecca

Kickstand Comedy Space opened in 2014 in the basement of the Velo Cult Bike shop and now has a permanent home above the Siren Theater in Downtown Chinatown. Kickstand’s mission is to supply the Portland comedy scene with a performer run space and scene hub to experiment, collaborate, perform, and practice. Kickstand Comedy Space is proudly sponsored by the Portland Mercury and is a community partner of the Siren Theater. Kickstand Comedy is a hate-free all ages venue with beverage and concessions.

The Siren Theater

Established in 2015, The Siren Theater is the loving arty parent/guardian to Kickstand. It's 125+ seat theater features everything from local improv acts, to nationally touring headliners. Check out more on The Siren Theater here.

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