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The core of Kickstand's mission statement is bring out and encourage show production within Portland, OR. We're always looking for new and interesting show ideas so if you've got something in mind shoot us a message and we'll go from there. Thanks!

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“DBAS” Policy:
By using the Kickstand Space you acknowledge our “Don’t Be a Shithead” Policy. Kickstand is a fully inclusive non-discriminatory space. We are not tolerant of racism, sexism, homophobia, and hate. You, your performers, and your audience are responsible for the words they choose both on and off stage. We don’t believe in “off-limits” topics but we do believe in good comedy. Kickstand believes good comedy doesn’t use the victim as the punchline, if you can’t take criticism about something you say maybe you don’t need to say it. Acts or threats of physical violence will lead to permanent removal from Kickstand. Respect the physical space, don’t touch stuff that isn’t yours! Kickstand reserves the right to rescind use of the space to anyone for violating this policy.