Royal Rumble is a fast paced Duo Cagematch Show! 3 rounds per show, half the duos move on each round!! 1 winner crowned each show... The 3 winning Duos meet up for a championship at the end of 2019!! Who will be crowned the first ever ROYAL RUMBLE DUO CHAMP?

Our duos bringing the pain this month include:

  • Mark Robson and Thomas Silk

  • Savannah Sumrall and Elliott Cherry

  • Lauren Sinner and Zach Calvert

  • Marcus Gar and Amy Conway

  • Kara Moore and Eric Simons

  • Jack Martin and Matt Tominaga

  • Alex Disney and SJ Santa Cruz

  • Roland Mechanik and Drew Eiden

  • Erica Maity and Jason Hays

  • Tracey Biebel and Mike Wachtendorf