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Andie Main cut her teeth as a member of the Portland comedy scene, and has been invited to perform in festivals like SF Sketchfest, Bumbershoot and Bridgetown. She recently moved to Denver because when it comes to mid-life crises, Andie does not fuck around. In a three week period she left her hometown in a self-imposed exile, lost her dog in a divorce, and said goodbye to her sister who tragically passed away from cancer. Andie is best known for creating Doug Fir's Cool Kids Patio Show and Revolution Comedy, which she passed on to fellow comedians upon her departure.

Andie's first album recording, titled Magpie, will be the culmination of her entire career, combined with the growth she has faced as an individual who has endured so many recent tragedies. Her material reflects the absurdity and rawness of staying empathetic in a landscape that no longer gives a fuck. Her stage presence is as loud and unique as her hair.

Andie doesn't have any major TV credits. She doesn't have aspirations to. She just wants to tell jokes and help people. Come be a part of this historical night featuring her friends, some of the best talent in the Northwest.. Shows are at 7pm and 9pm, and are all ages,

Cost: $10
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** Part of Kickstand Comedy's mission is to eliminate barriers from comedy - a portion of seats at every Kickstand show are pay-what-you-want