Rat King is an invite show where your favorite improvisers bring their favorite improvisers from around the city to make one unforgettable show. Come ready to see a wild and weird tangle of tails and pay tribute to the almighty Rat King (chosen from our incredible audience).

Eight improvisers will join forces to create one set so unspeakable, we dare not mention it again.

Hosted by THE RAT KING CREW - Bui Buoy, Mike Carlip, Brianna N-w, Amy Conway

Special Guests: Rebecca Feldman, Cimberly Nickell, Ryan King, Elena Afanasiev

Doors at 8:45 / Show at 9pm / Presale and Tickets at the Door - $5

Part of Kickstand Comedy's mission is to eliminate barriers from comedy - a portion of seats at every Kickstand show are pay-what-you-want at the door.