The secrets crushes, the hidden grudges, the triumphs, and the horrors: with a guest reader, nostalgic tunes, and a cast of top improvisers, Dear Diary takes the writing you vowed you’d never show anyone, and turns it into an hour-long show!

Zoë Vrabel  is the former (and hopefully future) Women's World Champion of pinball, currently ranked 2nd among women in the world. As part of Flip City Pinball, she runs tournaments around Portland, but at June’s Dear Diary, she’ll dig into her pre-champ past and share real passages of her teen writing for comedy fodder!

Improvisers include Kickstand CVLT house players Natalie Haddad (Show Ridiculous), Katie Kester (Show Ridiculous), Kara Moore, (Tunnel Improv), Emily Shankman (Squatters Improv), and host Anne Zander (JUICEBOX).

Featuring real-life teen writing and music that will take you back to a time you’d almost forgotten, Dear Diary’s formidable cast of improvisers take cringingly hilarious material and expands it into a world of angst, drama, and over-the-top emotion. Hosted by Anne Zander of Le Why Not Productions.

Doors at 7pm / $10 suggested (cash, card or Venmo)