July 10 heralds the return of So You Think You Can 'Prov to the GORP stage.

Hosted by the magnetically charming Samantha Graveheart (Emily Shankman), featuring expert guest judges (Myia Johnson and Jason Williams) and a full round of competitors taking their improv dreams to the big stage, duking it out to become the next round of SYTCY'P champions.

Featuring your improv all-stars: Brad Fortier, Eric Christopher, Nicholas Kessler and Mike Carlip

and our next round of contestants: Stacey Katlain, Faith Morris, Keith Mason and Dan Heise.

Get ready for a wild ride

As always, GORP is pay what-you-will with a suggested donation of $5. Your 5 bucks goes a long way towards keeping this show growing.


GORP is a bi-monthly improv comedy show on the second and fourth Wednesday at Kickstand Comedy. GORP presents two types of shows. The second Wednesday of the month is experimental show night — it is a playful night where show formats are created to give newer performers the opportunity to play with some of Portland’s most experienced and wonderful performers. Fourth Wednesday shows are an opportunity for teams to perform with an emphasis on newer teams and indie teams getting some stage time and experience under their belts.

GORP is at it’s core a fun, silly, supportive and community focused show. Everything at GORP is done with love and care! After all, we are just after some good ol’ rad improv.