The June 12 GORP brings back our new and beloved show structure - Riff Off Ripp Off. This month we will have members from some of Portland's best indie teams plus a number of incredible improvisers currently making their way through the Kickstand curriculum.

PAPA? (Brianna N-w, Tony Ruffalo, Emilie Sites and Michael Zimmer)
Alpaca - featuring former members of the beloved Cashmere - (Michael Schoenfelder, Anne Zander, Marcus Gar and Court Rainwater) and, you know them as Portland's oldest Harold team, King Ricky (Justin Cordie, Lily Lowell, Aaron Keuter) and special guests: Jones Pitsker, Jesse Rapoport, Catherine Hayes, Julia Adams, Donna Arasin, Laura Richardson.

This is how it works:
in a riff off, a category is chosen and the first team forward starts a scene. From the first team up it's a mad cap adventure with lot's of people on stage, creating magic.

Lot's of fun to be had. Don't be late for dinner.