Stumptown Improv Festival is taking over Portland's hottest improv showcase! Join festival founders Erin Jean O'Regan, Jed Arkley and Leon Anderson for the improv pre-game of the year! Featuring sets by this year's Local Ensemble AND last year's!

Kickstand CVLT (Craig McCarthy, Paris Hyun, Zachary Monty, Nick Beaird, David Calkins, Emilie Sites, Emily Shankman, Roland Mechanik)

The 2018 Stumptown Local Ensemble: Dylan Reiff, Kara Moore, Elena Afanasiev, Leann Ruth Johnson, Aaron Keuter, Mariah Mercedes Muñoz, Tracey Biebel, Beau Brousseau, Lisa DiDonato Brousseau)

The 2019 Stumptown Local Ensemble: Jenny Rebecca Criglar, Adrien Warner, Shelly Santa Cruz, Wavid Dester, Jessica Zodrow, Darrell McGee, Steve Dukes, Kerry Leek, Michael Zimmer, Roland Mechanik, Sophya Vidal, Jenn Hunter Tindle)

Doors at 7 / Show at 7:30pm / pay-what-you-want (suggested donation of $5)


The Stumptown Improv Festival is happening from August 8-11, so head on down to and get those tickets!