Home Shopping Network (HSN) is also known as “the network that never sleeps.” After you put the kids to bed, join legendary HSN hosts Susan Doppler-Smith (Katie Kester) and southern belle Jinackee Kathee (Natalie Haddad) as they take you on a silky, sultry, whirlwind tour of BRANDS. By the end of the night, you’ll be swimming in products to improve your life.

- Eliminate Mansplainers from your life with the Mansplainer Eradicator™!
- Don’t let your miniature dogs die—clone them!
- Jewelry for fish
- And much, much more!

HSN After Dark is a production of Show Ridiculous, one of Portland’s premiere sketch comedy teams. Sketches written by Paris Hyun, Becca Wolfinger, Michael Zimmer, Katie Kester, Alex Beeken, Zachary Monty, Michael Knackstedt, Tony Ruffalo and Nick Walker. Performances by Anne Zander, Natalie Haddad, Emily Shankman, Nick Beaird and more!

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