Last time on P.L.O.W… Jayne DeMeanie sprung an apocryphal Paula Poundface on “Professor” Ed, but he returned the favor with a fraudulent Fran Drescher, destroying the “Benevolent Overlord’s” FANtasy of meeting the Nanny IRL. Ron Lynch (the real one!) made a surprise appearance as the match announcer, Ed avoided the axe once again, and “Hollywood” Chris tricked his way into the brand new title belt!

This time: DeMeanie is missing… Will the “Professor” find a new owner for PLOW behind her back? Will the real Paula Poundface show and finally re-match with “Hollywood” Chris? WHAT SURPRISE GUESTS WILL SHOW? Find out next time on PORTLAND LEGENDS OF WRESTLING!

Featuring Mike Carlip (bigTINY), Dan Heise, Shane Hosea (Spec Script), Chris Khatami (Spec Script), Corina Lucas (Savage Love Live), Lydia Manning (Top of the World Comedy Festival)

Riley McCarthy (Portland’s Funniest Finalist), Nick Walker (Show Ridiculous) and more!

Presented by Le Why Not Productions and PLOW

Doors at 8:45pm / $5