Join the only pro wrestling federation in Oregon whose wrestling license has been revoked! Portland’s top comedic performers compete for the glory of victory (again, without any wrestling, or we’ll get in big trouble).

Last time on P.L.O.W… Paula Poundface threatened revenge after her suspension, The Commuter sought justice in the untimely death of Maverick Jett, “Hollywood” Chris “suffered” further injury, THEE Corrector fled his mock trial verdict, and “Professor” Ed Hosea narrowly escaped Jayne DeMeanie’s axe by promising the title to… Fran Drescher?!

Will Ms. Drescher show? Will the “Professor” keep his hosting job? Will “Hollywood” Chris finally be well enough to fight? Find out next time on PORTLAND LEGENDS OF WRESTLING!

Featuring Mike Carlip (bigTINY), Natalie Haddad (Show Ridiculous), Shane Hosea (Spec Script), Chris Khatami (Spec Script), Carlolyn Main (Pitch, Please), Steven Wilber (Wunderkonntent) and Anne Zander (Le Why Not Productions).

Doors at 7pm / $5 suggested (cash, card or Venmo)