Super HOT update - partial proceeds from this show will be donated to the Kickstart Kickstand campaign. See comedy and help build kickstand with one single action!

April 24 GORP brings to the stage three teams fully of whimsy, bravery and possibly ... sock puppets??? Friends, this show features:

- Urban Leopard (Russ Walsh, Jennifer Dymond, Justin Alexander, Quigley Landlum, Chelsea Petrakis, Jason Williams, Iris Blackburn)

- Sock Puppets on Ice (Austin Read, Phil Krieger, Jared Folwer, Chris Blatner)

- and, hitting the stage for the first time - Tum Tum (Tony Ruffalo, Erica Maity, Michael Schoenfelder

And, extra special this week, GORP will be hosted by Mechanik, Shankman, Sinner & Associates (Roland Mechanik, Emily Shankman, Lauren Sinner).

Come hang out and bring your supportive, super radical selves to cheer these teams on!

As always, GORP is pay what-you-will with a suggested donation of $5.

GORP is a bi-monthly show that focuses on new players, new teams and new ideas. GORP offers stage time to teams just finding their legs, opportunities for new players to jump in with more experienced players and it offers a spot for community members to try something new.