The Riff Off Rip Off
Have you ever watched Pitch Perfect 1, 2 or 3? Or do you acapella? We don't and won't, but what if improv groups performed together like acapella groups do, build rhythm and context through scene work. The Riff Off Rip Off features 3 teams made up of a mixture of some of the greatest players in Portland and some fantastic up-and-comers willing to brave the stage in this brand new game/format/comedy experiment.

We are gonna have a good time.

- From The Deep End: Sarah Delphine Thompson, Elena Afanasiev, Talon Bigelow, Thomas Magee & Robyn Vazquez
- Too Many Mike: Michael Zimmer & Michael Knackstedt,
- The Comedy Really Cares Players: Anne Zander, Lauren Sinner, Maverick Shankman, & Hayley Pullin
- and special guests: Alice Gillette, Chelsea Petrakis, Iggy Perillo, Katelyn Michelson, & Alex Beeken

Come experience this madness with us!
As always, GORP is pay what-you-will with a suggested donation of $5.

GORP is a bi-monthly show that focuses on new players, new teams and new ideas. GORP offers stage time to teams just finding their legs, opportunities for new players to jump in with more experienced players and it offers a spot for community members to try something new.