• Kickstand Comedy (map)
  • 16 Northwest Broadway
  • Portland, OR, 97209
  • United States

Improv transcends the mortal plane in Terry Withers’ PARANORMAL COMEDY

On the outskirts of the understood lies possibilities the human mind has not yet grappled with. Spectral photography, gargoyles, the lost continent of Atlantis, time thieves, alien abduction, the Jersey Devil, shopping bag imps, and of course, telepathic communication with disembodied spirits.

Improv comedian and professional astral projectionist Terry Withers merges his ability to speak with the dead and improv comedy in this dark but funny one-time-only show: PARANORMAL COMEDY!

Featuring an all-star cast from Kickstand Comedy and dead spirits.


Terry Withers is an improv veteran instructor from UCB and The Baltimore Improv Group, with over a decade of experience in performing, producing, and coordinating improv-based workshops and shows.

WHERE: 16nw Broadway
WHEN: 7:30pm Saturday, March 23rd
COST: Pay-what-you-want (suggested $10)