With the chaperones gone, Night Cheese is ready to let loose! Everyone knows that the best part of prom is actually POST PROM, and everyone knows that the best fast food is TACO BELL. So we’re fusing the two together for all-out party. What better to way to connect with the kids than with some good-old-fashioned Taco Bell? That’s right, we’re SPONSORED, BABY! TACO BELL FOR DAYS. We hope to see you there, and please remember to “think outside the bun.”


This month, Lauren, Zach, and Ghost Host are joined by Gina Rios and Nathan Rice (Curatorial Fellows at Furthermore Space). BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. Wondering why this is only post prom? Well that’s because we have 2003: A Space Prom-yssey happening beforehand that same night at Furthermore (6:30-8). SO GO TO BOTH, JEEZ.

🌌🧀 is a nonsense variety show for anyone into art, food, and weirdness. Each month we are joined by a local artist and comedian(s) to set into motion a chain of events, that build in chaos as the hour progresses. We are so excited for our debut at Furthermore Space, so we’re going all out!