PORTLAND LEGENDS OF WRESTLING! Join the only pro wrestling federation in Oregon whose wrestling license has been revoked! Portland’s top performers compete for the glory of victory (again, without any wrestling- we’ll get in big trouble).

FEBRUARY: After November’s fiasco (the untimely, peanut-related death of Maverick Jett*), host “Professor” Ed Hosea is in hot water. Not only has PLOW’s temporary license been RE-revoked, but it has come to the attention of Jayne “benevolent overlord” DeMeanie that no one has ever won the PORTLAND LEGENDS OF WRESTLING title! If there is no champ by the end of the night, Ed Hosea will be kicked to the curb**. This is one nail-biting, collar-pulling, forehead-wiping night not to be missed!

*PLOW is not liable for any non-fighting related mortalities

**Jayne DeMeanie is now accepting applications for the the new host of PLOW