'Twas 18 nights before Christmas, when all throughout Kickstand,
The cult was chilling and getting all tanned;
The Birkenstockings were hung by the bar with care,
In hopes that Lauren, Zach, and Katharine soon would be there;
The children were off rocking their floral threads;
While visions of Fanta danced in their heads;
***I did not realize how long this poem actually is and am too lazy to alter the entire thing***
“Happy Christmas in July (in December) to all, and to all a good Night Cheese”

Hosted by Lauren, Zach, and Ghost Host, 🌌🧀 is a nonsense variety show for anyone into art, food, and weirdness. Join us this month as we welcome artist/designer Katharine Forgan to set into motion a chain of events, that build in chaos as the hour progresses. This month we’re also excited to be a part of Comedy Really Cares fundraiser, so if you’re on the fence about us, at least come for that!

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