Get On Stage

All skill levels welcome. These are not shows, so please come to participate as a performer!


Monday Mixtape Jam

Get some reps in and practice those improv skills you've been working on so diligently. Led by our skilled and dedicated faculty, we'll be doing 2-3 person scenes inspired by music. Perfect for anyone in classes to keep pushing those skills.

  • Mondays at 8:30pm

    *5/27 Jam is cancelled due to Memorial Day

  • Facebook event


Magic Hour Improv Jam

Weekly EARLY Wednesday night improv jam focused on skill building, zealous listening, and huge support. HOT JAM!


Magic Hour Women & LGBTQIA Improv Jam

*please note no Women/LGBTQIA Jams are on our schedule as of right now, we’re working towards growing and dedicating more time to this project and will have more updates soon

In the pursuit of continuing to address community needs and finding ways to to further build spaces of inclusion we offer a quarterly jam designed to be a supportive, engaging, skill-building improv jam specifically for members of the Portland improv community who self-identify as women or LGBTQIA.

We don’t need to know how anyone identifies for them to join, our only goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for people to play, connect and improve.