“Expand the World” is an improv note sometimes given to expand the scope and possible connections in the developing world of a long form. This monthly event will be a space for the improv and comedy community to learn, explore, and talk about equity and inclusion and what that really means for everyone. 

This could range from - a panel discussion of guests who come from inside and outside of the community; a workshop on intervening as a bystander using forum theater; learning how our biases show up and where they come from to name just a few. We would also like to hear from you about what you're curious about in terms of growth or expansion in this realm.

Brad Fortier, anthropologist and improv teacher, will be facilitating this series with the intermittent guests: Dr. Barbara Tint, Chris Williams, Leann Johnson, and Stephanie Wichman, among others. If you are curious about or interested in how to up your inclusion game or clarify how to work towards equity from where you are, you are going to want to come along on this journey. Please join us and share your voice.