• Kickstand Comedy Space (map)
  • 315 Northwest Davis Street
  • Portland, OR, 97209
  • United States

The POC IMPROV LAB is a chance for aspiring improv comedians of color to play with and get coaching from fellow people of color.

It’s no secret that improv is white-dominated art form. When you don’t see yourself represented on stage or next to you in classes it can be hard to connect with the humor, skills, and truth that improv comedy can supply. By developing a space for and by people of color, we can dive into the joys of improv, develop the tools for advanced scene work, and cultivate more stage-ready performers.

If a rising tide lifts all boats, then lets flood Portland with the fresh voices they need.

THIS IS A LAB, NOT A CLASS. The POC IMPROV LAB is a monthly opportunity for people of color—who have completed at least one level of improv comedy training (at any comedy theater)—to actively work to progress their improv skills.

While we appreciate support from white improvisors, this is not an event for you to watch or participate in.