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Dylan Reiff

Dylan Reiff is an improviser and creative living in the dream boat city of Portland, OR. Dylan began his improv career after moving to Chicago to study and perform experimental theater with the Neo-Futurists. In the late 00's he began studying improv with the Annoyance Theater. Since Chicago he has studied with The Liberators, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and has been lucky enough to take workshops from improv royalty such as Will Hines, Susan Messing, Rebecca Sohn, Joe Bill and many more. 

Reiff is the co-founder of Kickstand Comedy Space and a member of indie teams TUNNEL (Stumptown Improv Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival) and Biz Caj (Friday Night Fight Grand Champion).

He has been coaching and teaching in Portland since 2014 and can't get enough of it.

Kara Moore

Kara has been performing, studying, teaching and coaching improv comedy since 2001.  In 2005 she moved to Chicago where she attended training centers at IO Chicago and The Annoyance Theater. Her instructors included Joe Bill, Noah Gregoropoulos, Dina Facklace and Rich Sohn. Performances include: Harold team, Search Party (iO Chicago), Kids with Feelings and Mustang Repair (The Playground Theater Chicago) and an Original Concept show, Drag Kings of Comedy (Second City, Donny's Skybox  and  Del Close Marathon) Carpeted After hours (Chicago Sketch Fest) and most recently with The International Ensemble (Vancouver International Improv Festival, Vancouver, B.C.).

With the help of her improv team Bella, and ASL Interpreters Daniel Cloward and Jamie Antonick, Kara helped co create a monthly Sign Language interpreted comedy show and was active in the Deaf Community’s performance/comedy scene in Chicago.

Locally Kara performs with TUNNEL all around town and loves guesting in shows at various comedy spaces throughout Portland.

Since moving back in 2014 Kara continues to be amazed at how much her hometown’s comedy scene has boomed.


Craig McCarty

Craig began his improv journey in 1999 performing with CSZ Portland and has had the great privilege of performing, teaching, and coaching ever since.

He's performed and trained at IO Chicago and the Annoyance Theater, CSZ Chicago, and Kickstand Comedy. Over the years his artistic perspective has been informed and influenced by Larry Arrick, Mick Napier, Susan Messing, Joe Bill, Rebecca Sohn, Bill Arnett, and many others.

Craig is a founding member of Portland's longest running independent team Peachy Chicken, and performs with Kickstand's CVLT as well as many other beloved ensembles in Chicago and PDX

Improvisation and its applied skills are Craig's passion and he's continually humbled by the medium of improv. Craig gets as much out of teaching classes as he does out of a fantastic performance and is excited to continue to contribute toward building the future of Improv in Portland as a teacher at Kickstand Comedy


Eric Simons

Eric has been performing, teaching, coaching, and laughing at improv since 2003. A former student of Brave New Workshop (Minneapolis, MN) and HUGE Theater (Minneapolis, MN), Eric has performed with his troupe Broke Gravy across the continent—Vancouver International Improv Festival (Vancouver, BC), Out of Bounds Festival Comedy Festival (Austin, TX), Black and Funny Improv Festival (Minneapolis, MN) and much more. He hopes to bring his first-hand experience and unique perspective to others in the Portland improv scene.

Adam Trabka

Adam Trabka has been improvising since 2009, training at Austin, TX's ColdTowne Theater under the tutelage of alums of storied improv institutions such as iO, the Annoyance and the Second City. While in Austin, Adam hosted and performed in a weekly improv showcase with his locally award winning troupe Bad Boys. In addition to performing, Adam served in writing, producing and directing roles for a number of productions in Austin, most notably as Technical Producer of Austin Sketch Fest. He will take any workshop he can get his hands on, and because of this he has had the honor of working with many people you have seen on TV. A cast member of Mr. Show once told a mutual friend that Adam "gets it," "it" referring to comedy.

Adam moved to Portland in 2014 and has been teaching, directing and performing around town since his arrival. You can see him perform with TUNNEL at Kickstand's weekly improv showcase Velodrome on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month.

Janet Scanlon

Janet is an actor & improviser in Portland.  She has been learning and performing improv since her first class in 2009 and has enjoyed teaching improv classes since 2015.

Her training includes classes with The Second City in Los Angeles & Chicago, Curious Comedy & The Liberators in Portland as well as workshops with many excellent instructors from UCB, iO West, PIT, and Kevin McDonald from Kids In The Hall.

Since 2010, Janet has performed regularly as an ensemble member at Curious Comedy Theater, the Brody Theater as well as regular performances at Kickstand Comedy Space and in plays, improv & sketch shows with Bad Reputation Productions at The Siren Theater, CoHo Theater and Portland Center Stage.  Janet has performed with several independent teams, including JNames, which often performs at festivals in the US & Canada.  Janet can also be seen performing a scene in season 7 of Portlandia.

Jeff Kelsay

Jeff Kelsay started improvising in Portland before moving to New York to take classes at the UCB Theater. In New York he performed on a house team at the Queen’s Secret Improv Theater, and with his cherished indie team Tender. He’s been lucky to have many great teachers and coaches, including writers for SNL, Broad City and College Humor. He’s taken workshops with Matt Besser, Scott Adsit and Kevin Mulaney.

He can be seen performing regularly with TUNNEL and in ART-MONDO, a monthly show at Kickstand you should probably attend. He’s performed at The Stumptown Improv Festival and The Del Close Marathon, and was once an extra on Girls, but isn't discernible on-screen.